Starbucks workers storm past 100 unionized stores and keep going, this week in the war on workers

Starbucks workers storm past 100 unionized stores and keep going, this week in the war on workers

The 100th Starbucks store went union on May 27, and the momentum has not let up. On May 31, the union won votes in South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania—the first of those unanimously. On June 1, the union won three stores in Maryland. June 2 saw another unanimous win in South Carolina and three wins in Oregon. June 3, it was four unanimous votes at four Massachusetts stores, along with the first Starbucks union win in Texas.

Dozens more stores have union votes scheduled in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, the anti-union campaign rages on:

NEW: Starbucks is firing union leaders during elections for increasingly preposterous reasons. One union leader was fired for showing up to work too early. Another was terminated after her co-worker refused to return from lunch. The reasons only get more absurd from there.

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) June 2, 2022

● Security guards at the Seattle Art Museum voted to unionize, 38 to 4.

● Coal pile slide buries, kills 2 at Colorado power plant.

● Amazon is ‘obstructing’ probe into deadly warehouse collapse, House committee says.

● Labor rights are abortion rights. We know, because we’re fighting for both, workers at the Guttmacher Institute write.

● Baristas at Great Lakes Coffee Roasters have been on strike for over three months as they seek recognition for their union.

● Internal documents show Amazon’s dystopian system for tracking workers every minute of their shifts, Lauren Kaori Gurley reports.

● Three workers have died on New York City’s deadliest construction projectThe New York Times reports in an important investigation.


Imagine not being able pledge that you won’t use enslaved labor.

— Daily Union Elections (@UnionElections) June 1, 2022


Our contract expires in 12 days. We sincerely hope to have a fair deal by then, but management isn’t moving quickly enough on major issues like salaries, increases, 401(k) contributions, and successorship. We are prepared to strike.

— Vox Media Union (@vox_union) June 1, 2022

● Good thread on Elon Musk’s latest:

this ‘butts in seats’ memo is illustrative. Musk wants control, power, ultimate authority over people, & to always make news. And, in order to do that, he will continue to over-simplify complex issues and treat people like shit in the process and make news

— Charlie Warzel (@cwarzel) June 1, 2022

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