‘The Daily Show’ takes on Kristi Noem’s puppy problem and RFK Jr.’s brain worm

‘The Daily Show’ takes on Kristi Noem’s puppy problem and RFK Jr.’s brain worm

Jordan Klepper’s Wednesday stint hosting “The Daily Show” began with a roundup of the past week’s big political news: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem shooting a puppy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s brain worm

First up was Noem and the revelation in her memoir that she killed her 14-month-old hunting dog Cricket on purpose.

Klepper threw to a supercut of right-wing media outlets giving the former VP front-runner a hard time about her heartless act. 

“I will say, the past few years I have been wondering how far is too far for the right-wing MAGA crowd,” Klepper said. “And now we know that shooting your dog in a gravel pit: That is not acceptable.”

“Until Trump does it,” Klepper added. “Then every Republican has to shoot their dog just to stay in the party.”

But not everyone was giving Noem a hard time, as proven by a clip of Newsmax host and Kermit the Frog hater Eric Bolling suggesting Noem’s editor might be “a plant. A liberal plant.”

“A liberal plant editor, Eric? She wrote the book! She wrote it!” Klepper exclaimed. “You could tell conservatives don’t really believe any of their conspiracy bullshit by how casually they try to fit one into any scandal. ‘Just say your editor was a liberal plant, Kristi. Maybe your dog was trying to rig the election? Maybe your dog was DEI, is that something?'”

But the animal murder wasn’t the only humiliation unleashed by Noem’s memoir. 

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