The Downballot: The GOP Chaos Caucus grows larger (transcript)

The Downballot: The GOP Chaos Caucus grows larger (transcript)

One key outcome of Tuesday’s primaries in Indiana: House Republican leaders will have even more implacable crazies to contend with next year, and we’re surveying the damage on this week’s episode of “The Downballot.” Marlin Stutzman, a tea party OG who helped push out John Boehner, narrowly won the Republican nod to reclaim his old seat while the erratic Victoria Spartz (who voted to oust Mike Johnson while we were recording) successfully managed to “un-retire” more than a year after saying she wouldn’t seek another term. Expect even more “GOP in Disarray” headlines come 2025!

We also have an in-depth discussion with Mark Hugo Lopez, the director of race and ethnicity research at Pew Research Center, about his studies of Latinos in America. Whereas the fastest-growing Latino group was once Mexicans, now it’s Venezuelans. And while two-thirds of Latinos identified as Catholic not long ago, now less than half do—while the ranks of the religiously unaffiliated are soaring. Lopez zeroes in on the drop in support for Joe Biden among young Latino voters in particular but observes that it’s still early: Just 25% of Latino adults tell Pew they’re paying attention to the election. The show notes cannot do this conversation justice!

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