The Downballot: UK snap election!

The Downballot: UK snap election!

We’re heading across the pond for this week’s episode of “The Downballot” after the UK just announced it would hold snap elections—on July 4, no less. Co-host David Beard gives us Yanks a full run-down, including how the elections will work, what the polls are predicting, and what Labour plans to do if it finally ends 14 years of Conservative rule. We also take detours into Scotland and Rwanda (believe it or not) and bear down on a small far-right party that could cost the Tories dearly.

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the Stars and Stripes! We also recap some of Tuesday’s top election results, including one Democratic primary in Oregon that has D.C. Democrats breathing a sigh of relief. And we circle back to several big stories that we’ve covered recently, including a huge triumph for Missouri Democrats in the fight to protect direct democracy and restore abortion rights.

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