The Joy Collective: Marking the end of April with some laughs

The Joy Collective: Marking the end of April with some laughs

And there goes another month. Goodbye winter, hello spring. Ending April with a smile, we are back with the Joy Collective, a collection of the cutest, funniest clips we can find on the Internet.

Social media is filled with funny moments and stories. Sometimes we just need to step away from the seriousness and take some time to relax; lighter posts allow us to mentally recharge.

As part of a weekly series that aims to make you laugh, Daily Kos will be compiling and sharing viral funny videos from across social media platforms. The news cycle can be a bit much at times. Self-care is needed. We all need balance, so let’s have some joy where we are able. 

Share your videos and your favorites with us for the next round-up!

Starting off with some cuteness! A TikTok a video of a cow having a “spa day” has been named one of the most viral videos on the Internet. 

In the video, @l.thomas2020—also known on TikTok as LT—goes through several steps of pampering her cow. She scrubs her hooves with a toothbrush before polishing them, gives her coat a deep brushing, and then lays milk-soaked strawberry slices across the blissed-out cow’s head and back. 

Her treatment leaves many viewers commenting: “Can I be treated like your cow.”

oh to be this cow getting spa treatments & decorated in strawberries 🐮🍓🧖🏻‍♀️

— Vials (@vialsss) April 4, 2021

So you thought polar bears are cute right? Well, they are about to get even cuter. Check out this one special bear who is kindly petting a dog.

According to Mashable, the two were spotted hanging out by the water in Manitoba, Canada.

Polar bears don’t seem to be the only ones who can hang out with dogs. Take a look at this duck’s playtime with this dog.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready for the beach. This elephant definitely makes me more excited about it, too.

Honestly, the accuracy in this. Welcome to my mornings.

Clearly, I cannot get enough of these puppy videos.

But I am still a loyal cat mom and lover.

And now for some community favorites!

This adorable parrot from @CrimsonQuillfeather

Swift #parrot face

— Dr SWIFT PARROT (@teamswiftparrot) April 10, 2022

This prank video from @abluerippleinohio

And a fun music video, too, just for kicks. 

This “cheetah brothers” video from @Lefty Coaster.

Cheetah brothers 🥰 (sound on for this one!)

— Northern Sparrow (@NorthernSprw) November 26, 2021

And this adorable dog video from @bobdevo:

Have any funny videos you think will bring more joy to Daily Kos readers?

You know the drill! Send them over to me at or comment below and I’ll try to feature them in the next roundup!

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