Things are getting ugly in the right-wing media ecosphere

Things are getting ugly in the right-wing media ecosphere

We’ve been covering the chaos in the Republican Party, but we shouldn’t overlook the chaos inside the conservative media’s swampy ecosphere. 

Like the Republican Party writ large, conservative media must deliver an excess of fear and hate that alienates mainstream America and leads to diminishing audiences. Dangerously, this far-right bubble breeds mini-autocrats with the popular appeal of a stink bomb in a movie theater.

This means that for all of the Fox Newses, Newsmaxes, and Daily Wires of the world, there is a finite number of potential customers and those numbers aren’t growing. For any individual conservative media organization to grow, it must steal audience from a rival, and that means they take every chance to go after each other. So when former unofficial Republican minister of propaganda Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News, the right wing-o-sphere began to claw at each other like rats stuck to the bottom of a sinking barrel.

There are many theories as to what may or may not have been the proverbial last straw, but the reality is Tucker was fired for many reasons. And none of those reasons was the ridiculous notion that he was fired because Fox News is too woke, as the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal and Newsmax suddenly claim.

Let the right-wing battle begin!

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