This Week in Statehouse Action: What Pandemic? edition

This Week in Statehouse Action: What Pandemic? edition

Different week, same old GOP statehouse garbage.

Seriously, the sense of deja vu with these cats is real.

Especially because they seem oblivious to the fact that WE’RE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A FREAKING PANDEMIC

But Republican lawmakers object to the most basic of public safety measures, like masks, with a vehemence one might more suitably reserve for, say, drinking spoiled milk.

… although if enough conservative anti-vaxxers get behind drinking spoiled as a COVID-19 cure, they might get into it. (I mean, if folks can be convinced that drinking their own urine cures coronavirus, this doesn’t seem like a heavy lift.)

Anyway, everything is stupid, but GOP state legislators seem dedicated to elevating “stupid” to deadly levels.

Because in state after state, Republicans, at best, are mostly sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling, “LALALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU,” and at worst, they’re actively making it harder for kids, teachers, businesses, and, well, anyone to protect themselves.

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Take South Dakota, where COVID-19 infections are currently hitting new record highs daily.

Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled state legislature refuses to implement any coronavirus mitigation measures for session, even after a Democratic lawmaker tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days in.

With nine weeks yet to go, he definitely won’t be the last.

In Virginia, where the General Assembly session kicked off on Wednesday, whether or not a lawmaker is wearing a mask has become quick and easy way to ascertain whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican.

I mean, if Republicans want to get sick and risk missing votes in the closely divided House of Delegates, I guess that’s their business …

… except that they’ll be spending a LOT of time in close quarters with their Democratic counterparts over the next 58 days, which, even masked, raises their risk, too.

And how quickly Republicans seem to have forgotten the death of one of their colleagues, GOP Sen. Ben Chafin, from coronavirus just a year ago.

In Washington, where Democrats control both chambers of the legislature and have implemented strict vaccine requirements for lawmakers, Republican Rep. Jim Walsh would like you to know that he is being OPPRESSED.

Last year, he was locked out of his office in the state capitol for failing to comply with the legislature’s requirement that he show proof of vaccination.

Now Walsh is trying to pass a new law that will ban such requirements, which, fine, he’s a state legislator, and state legislators get to introduce bills, even stupid ones.

But it’s the bit from HB1695 that compares providing proof of vaccination to enter the capitol to racial segregation that has a lot of folks understandably upset.

Only 15 of the 98 members of the Washington House hadn’t provided proof of vaccination.

I know you’re just shocked to learn that all 15 are Republicans.

Washington state lawmakers are still able to fully participate in legislating—committee hearings, votes, etc.–remotely, but that’s not the point for the GOP.

Not being a selfish shit about the health of folks you’re in close quarters with on a regular basis—as state lawmakers are during legislative sessions—has somehow become partisan.

And while Republicans have a well-laminated image of supposedly letting businesses operate free from governmental interference, that veneer is peeling.

A week into Missouri’s legislative session—which is fully in-person and devoid of COVID-19 screening, vaccination, or mask requirements—lawmakers have already filed over 30 bills prohibiting, discouraging, or establishing exemptions from coronavirus vaccination requirements.

Republican lawmakers in GOP-controlled Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas would severely limit or prohibit COVID-19 vaccine requirements at private businesses and in workplaces, to hell with what those private businesses actually want.

Is the GOP turning into a death cult? Or has Big ‘Rona set up some huge dark money PAC without anyone noticing? Have some Republican lawmakers been replaced with colonies of coronaviruses in human suits?

just asking

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