Tom Morello and John Oliver give unions a big week on TV, this week in the war on workers

Tom Morello and John Oliver give unions a big week on TV, this week in the war on workers

This week, 10,000 John Deere workers ended their strike after six weeks. It was also a really good week for unions on TV, between a typically sharp John Oliver segment explaining union-busting, and a Tonight Show performance by Tom Morello (featuring grandson) in which Morello highlighted workers on strike across the country, offering them high-profile solidarity.

Watch both videos. Share them with your friends and family. Support the unions on strike and the workers faced with union-busting tactics alike.

And more labor news:

● Teamsters voted for new leadership for the first time in decades, with the retirement of James P. Hoffa, the union’s longtime president.

● Without paid leave, Americans like me are draining their savings, writes Marjorie Roberts of Covid Survivors for Change:

I’m now more than 20 months out from when I first contracted Covid, and I still have a hard time breathing. I have completely depleted the savings I had stored up. I have no idea how I’ll ever go back to a job like the one I had before the pandemic, but I can’t afford to be home sick forever either.

And sadly, I’m far from alone. Because the United States is one of the few countries without a federal paid leave policy, many Americans who contracted Covid on the job have had to go into debt or spend all their savings while they attempt to reclaim their health or cope with a loved one’s death, illness or the birth of a child.

● How child care became the most broken business in the United States. Could Build Back Better save it?

● Workers at an Arizona Starbucks are petitioning to form a union.


Houston Kroger’s workers voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. “After counting thousands of ballots, 97% of clerks and 97% of meat clerk members have voted to reject Kroger’s proposal and authorize a strike should it become necessary.”

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) November 17, 2021


the ASA, which covers 20,000 IATSE members, would’ve failed to pass the union’s electoral college-style voting system had four people in New Mexico voted differently

— Alex Press (@alexnpress) November 16, 2021


Pioneer Valley NewsGuild members at the Daily Hampshire Gazette are on a byline strike, meaning we are submitting stories without our names. Management refuses to allow this, and editors are putting our names on stories against our wishes. One example:

— Brian Steele (@SteeleGazette) November 16, 2021


NEW: Just days away from ballots being dropped for workers’ union vote in CA, @HelloFresh handed out new face masks to workers. They say “vote no on union dues” in Spanish. COVID19 safety is NO JOKE at a factory that had its county’s largest outbreak in 2020, w 1 death

— UNITE HERE (@unitehere) November 15, 2021


NEW: Restaurant workers in New York are paid below minimum wage and depend on tips to survive. Many are forced to put up with abuse and harassment just to take home a living wage.@GovKathyHochul could end the subminimum wage today with one signature. #OneFairWage

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) November 18, 2021

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