Top White House advisor suggests coronavirus is the ‘consequential wrath of God’

Top White House advisor suggests coronavirus is the ‘consequential wrath of God’

Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries is one of the Trump administration’s faith advisers. According to the Washington Post, the evangelical Drollinger leads a weekly Bible study that includes Trump Cabinet members Ben Carson and Alex Azar. He also has some tiny-brained theological thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic. In a blog post he wrote on March 21, titled “Is God Judging America Today?” Drollinger explains that while he doesn’t believe the coronavirus is the “forsaking wrath of God,” he does believe America is “experiencing the consequential wrath of God.”

What does that mean? Well … after pulling out some lines that Drollinger believes to illuminate one’s understanding of God’s judgement, Ralph explains that “Since God is just and sin must and will be paid for, wrath—the righteousness of God revealed against sin—is an inevitable consequence.” Does that make sense? It shouldn’t because, like a serpent feasting on its tail, it’s a nothing-burger of a thought. Instead, Drollinger explains that these are the forms that God’s “wrath” comes in.

1. Eternal Wrath:


2. Eschatological Wrath:

The Day of the Lord

3. Cataclysmic Wrath:

The Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah

4. Forsaking Wrath:

Removing Restraint

5. Consequential Wrath:

Sowing & Reaping

It’s in the center because it comes out more Bible-y like that! You will notice that number 5 is the “consequential wrath” Drollinger spoke of before. Reap what you sow, sow what you reap, sowing and reaping, reaping and sowing.

Just in case you want to begin to understand what our “reaping and sowing” might be, you need not go very much further with Drollinger as he breaks down how “environmentalism” is really “man” going against his creator, atheists and those who don’t believe in the unerring literal reading of the bible to be “suppressing the truth.” And what evangelical breakdown would be complete without an attack on the LGBTQ community? In a thin section he calls “A Sensation Toward Homosexuality,” Drollinger explains that this is exactly what it sounds like.

Finally, Drollinger, who has been giving all of the reasons why this is basically a classic old-school homophobic “God’s wrath” tome, explains that because he believes this isn’t the eschatological, “cataclysmic,” wrath of God, we will have a “human cure for the coronavirus.” You see what he did here? He is basically reiterating the same bullshit that evangelicals have sold to their flocks for a couple hundred years now. But, and this is a very important distinction, he’s repackaging it to explain why the end of the world isn’t actually coming—I mean he does have the ear of the president of the United States and he wouldn’t want the world to end just yet, would he?

Conmen are conmen are conmen. Whether they believe all of their own BS or none of it, they rely on fear and hatred of others while portending to see the future and then lying when they’re dead wrong.

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