Trump’s hand-picked judge breaks all legal rules to give him the ‘ridiculous’ ruling he wanted

Trump’s hand-picked judge breaks all legal rules to give him the ‘ridiculous’ ruling he wanted

It should have been possible to see what was coming, when Donald Trump’s team of highly unqualified attorneys managed to submit Trump’s complaint incorrectly, and the judge gave them a do over.  Then the complaint came in missing everything necessary, and the judge sent instructions on exactly what she wanted to see. And now the Trump-appointed judge has broken with all legal precedent, and written wholly new law in the process, to give Donald Trump exactly what he wanted—a special master.

Judge Aileen Cannon didn’t stop with saying she intends to appoint a special master, she insists that the federal government provide a more detailed list of the documents taken, a list to be shared with Trump. Only she seems to have missed even more steps than Trump’s attorneys, like even sending the suit to the supposed “defendant,” or giving any reason why her could T can intervene in any way.

how any of this would work, and how anyone would appoint a special master to review documents classified at the highest possible level … seems not just impossible, but ridiculous. But then, this is entirely new legal ground … the kind that should only exist in the Twilight Zone.  

Actual legal experts have some opinions about this ruling.  

Wow. She has not even heard opposition. I’ve never ever seen an order like this. She doesn’t even describe what the Special Master would do. This is an insane order as a journalist you should describe it as such. She could have just set a briefing schedule.

— Armando (@ArmandoNDK) August 27, 2022

Another reason Cannon’s order is nuts is bc she’s basing it off Trump’s egregious misrepresentation of what happened in SDNY with Rudy, in which the District Judge had been involved in the case for years. Rudy and Vic weren’t charged. They still aren’t. But Parnas was.

— emptywheel (@emptywheel) August 27, 2022

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