Ukraine Update: Why a lack of armored vehicles is stalling Russia’s infantry assault

Ukraine Update: Why a lack of armored vehicles is stalling Russia’s infantry assault

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A Ukrainian artillery spotting drone with a thermal camera hovers in the darkness, silently observing.  Small glowing dots scurry across the dark landscape—Russian infantry.

An almost single file of Russian infantrymen, perhaps 20-30 in all, are strung out over a short distance.

Furious shelling occurs, as large explosions (heavy and light howitzers) and smaller explosions (mortar rounds) occur around and amongst the scurrying targets.

Gradually, the Russian platoon reaches its staging area— the treeline.  Perhaps the Russians felt safer, huddling close to each other underneath the foliage.  Perhaps they thought the trees and vegetation hid them from observation.

You can see in the shelling, the survivors resting, perhaps catching their breath from running the deadly explosive gauntlet to get to this point. They would need their strength to make the final assault on Ukrainian positions beyond the freeline.

Then, a DPICM 155mm cluster munition artillery shell strikes. The characteristic shotgun-like circular explosive pattern rings around the Russian position.  Each DPICM shell contains 72 sub-munitions, spraying shrapnel that is highly deadly to exposed infantry across a broad area.

The Russians stop moving.  Then, another Ukrainian howitzer shell lands directly on the Russian position to end the video

This short video illustrates why Russian attacks around Avdiivka have all but stalled in the past six weeks.

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