Watch these Italian mayors scold people for skirting lockdown: ‘You won’t stroll in my town’

Watch these Italian mayors scold people for skirting lockdown: ‘You won’t stroll in my town’

While the United States slowly starts to embrace social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, Italy has been under lockdown since March 13. Despite these measures, reports of dire conditions in the country continue to flood social media. Italy’s growing number of ill and deceased people is terrifying, as are the stories and videos of the impossibly difficult conditions health care professionals are working in. This pandemic is incredibly serious, whether the Trump administration wants to acknowledge it or not. That said, the news can seem like a slippery slope when it comes to depressing, overwhelming information; there’s no harm in embracing a little humor to get by.

As seen in a series of videos now going viral on Twitter, Italian politicians are asking their constituents to stay home, and they’re using blunt language—as well as some pretty original humor—to make their points.

“I said to him, hey, this is not a film and you’re not Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend.’ Therefore, get home,” Mayor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, said as reported by CNN in reference to someone who wouldn’t stop walking his dog. The Mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, similarly mentioned people acting like they were stars in a dystopian storyline, telling people, “Go home, this is not a film on TV, this is a national emergency!”

The videos are, unsurprisingly, in Italian, so we’re going off of the English translations offered in these clips. If you happen to know Italian, please comment! 

“I stopped him and said, ‘Look, this isn’t a movie. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend. Go home.” This is the updated compilation of Italian Mayors losing it at people violating #Covid19 quarantine. Yes, subtitles are accurate.

� � (@protectheflames) March 22, 2020

You asked for more Italian Mayors losing their shit at people breaking quarantine. I’m delivering. Here’s two more mayors. “Something else that drove me crazy is people secretly going to the beauty parlour. You will die all nicely waxed. But you will die.” #Covid19

� � (@protectheflames) March 23, 2020

This Italian mayor lost it �. He was like when did you all become runners. Y�all run marathons now ?

� King of Leon. (@MightiJamie) March 24, 2020

Cuomo today on people out in NYC: “I don’t know what I’m saying that people don’t get. I’m normally accused of being overly blunt and direct.” Mayors in Italy:

� Anna Gronewold (@annagronewold) March 22, 2020

Some people shared screenshots of particularly funny highlights:

And another Italian mayor

� Astronut but call me Norm (@norminator) March 24, 2020

This random Italian mayor for president, please

� Jordan Weissmann (@JHWeissmann) March 24, 2020

This Italian mayor isn’t playing

� Carlo (@yesthatCarlo) March 24, 2020

love this Italian mayor with all my heart

� Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) March 24, 2020

And offered their own funny reactions to the clips:

Italian mayors when they see people outside playing ping pong

� Patrick Swanson (@patrickswanson) March 22, 2020

If you want to know what my childhood was like, watch this incredible compilation of Italian mayors yelling at people violating quarantine.

� Giulia Rozzi (@GiuliaRozzi) March 22, 2020

Italian mayors when they find people outside during #coronavirus lockdown:

� Mad Oh (@moskaezul) March 24, 2020

If you would prefer a YouTube version, this one is great:

There’s plenty of seriousness too. Italy’s death toll is over 6,000 at the time of writing, with over 700 in just one day. With a lack of tests, medical supplies, looming expenses amid job losses, and inconsistencies from our government, facing the pandemic here in the United States can feel incredibly difficult. One thing we can do, however, is practice social distancing to the best of our ability. Oh—and wash our hands!

Have you found any funny or heartwarming videos on social media to lighten the news cycle? Please share them below!

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