What’s new at Daily Kos? Read about what you might have missed in July

What’s new at Daily Kos? Read about what you might have missed in July

July tends to be a slower month for us at Daily Kos: the sun is shining, summer is in full swing, vacations are happening, and our staff and readers are taking advantage. Despite all that, we’ve still got some new things brewing that I’d like to highlight in case you missed it last month.

With the delta variant on the rise, there was a lot of coverage about COVID-19 on the site in July, and these stories were widely read—four out of our 10 top stories were about COVID-19 or vaccines. Generally, our readers have been less focused on COVID since 2021 began in comparison to 2020, for obvious reasons: many folks have been vaccinated, public spaces reopened, and the party in charge actually believes in science. But now with the delta variant and various restrictions once again changing in response, people have understandably been seeking more information and news about COVID. Along with COVID, big topics this month continued to include the former occupant of the White House (32% of our top 50 stories centered on Trump), ongoing coverage of the the January 6 commission and first select committee hearing, and Simone Biles’ decision to pull back from the Olympic Games for mental health reasons. 

Daily Kos continues to fight the ridiculous Robert Kennedy Jr. lawsuit. If you haven’t heard, Daily Kos is being sued by Robert Kennedy Jr. to hand over the name of one of our anonymous users who wrote a story about Robert Kennedy Jr. joining neo-Nazis for a COVID protest in Berlin. Of course, we’re fighting this lawsuit tooth and nail—Daily Kos would never willingly hand over the personal information of our users, and this would set a dangerous precedent. Earlier in the month, Markos shared his response and an update on how we’re now fighting this lawsuit in not one, but two separate states—New York and California. Markos also dove into the danger Robert Kennedy Jr. poses to public health, as one of the leading people responsible for spreading vaccine misinformation on social media. If you’re interested in chipping in to help us continue this fight, click here.

Our Community Contributors team, led by Jessica Sutherland, welcomed Chitown Kev as our latest community fellow. If you don’t know and love him already, Chitown Kev is a longstanding active member of this site—writer of Abbreviated Pundit Roundups, Black Kos contributor, part of the Readers and Book Lovers group, and much more. You can now find his APRs up on the top of the front page on Thursdays and Sundays, and soon you’ll be seeing some longer form stories from him as well. Emily Epstein-White also joined Jessica’s team as Senior Editor to help us continue building more support for community writers.  

Other highlights from July:

What were your highlights this month? Big stories you followed? Favorite comments? Shoutouts to community members? Anything you think deserves more attention? Sound off below!

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