Who would allow a host who made death threats to keep his show? Real America’s Voice, apparently

Who would allow a host who made death threats to keep his show? Real America’s Voice, apparently

Yesterday, Right Wing Watch flagged a video in which Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon that he was about to introduce a lawsuit that would all but assure Donald Trump would be back in office by the end of the summer. Dollars to donuts it’s based on some of the same lies that not only got the MyPillow Guy booted from Twitter, but have him staring down the barrel of a billion-dollar lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

But believe it or not, the biggest problem in this video isn’t the outright sedition spewed there. It’s that Bannon even had a platform on which he could let Lindell and others spew their wingnuttery after making terroristic threats on the air. 

For those who don’t recall, during the Nov. 5 edition of his show, War Room, Bannon called for Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray to be beheaded for daring to go against Trump. In case you missed it, watch it here.

WHAT THE HOLY F*CK?! Steve Bannon calls for the ***beheading*** of Dr Fauci and FBI Director Wray as a warning to federal workers. This video is real. Captured by @peltzmadeline. pic.twitter.com/fgVdfLT0hQ

— Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) November 5, 2020

Had it been up to him, he would have then have their heads put on pikes in the manner of Tudor England as a warning to anyone else who would dare stand against the effort to Make America Great Again. Before the day was out, Twitter had permanently booted the War Room Twitter account, and Facebook and YouTube had deleted the videos from their platforms.

Then, on Jan. 9, Rudy Giuliani stopped by War Room and blamed the insurrection of three days prior on the Democrats. Before the day was out, YouTube had nuked the War Room channel.

Fast forward to Sunday, when I noticed that Diamond and Silk joined the crowd of deplorables calling for a military coup against Biden. They did so when they sat down with David Brody on his talk show, The Water Cooler. It’s hosted on a fringe right-wing news network called Real America’s Voice as part of a partnership with John Solomon’s news organization, Just the News; Brody does this as a side hustle to his day job as chief political analyst at CBN.

What bothered me almost as much as Cubic Zirconia and Burlap veering into outright sedition was that Brody let them do it. It made me wonder—what network would allow its guests to spew this, especially after Jan. 6? I got my answer when I perused the lineup at Real America’s Voice. Among their hosts is one Stephen Keith Bannon. He hosts War Room on that network every weekday at 10 AM Eastern.

I was going to drop a line to Real America’s Voice and ask them why they would give a platform to a guy who saw fit to make terroristic death threats. But then I saw that Bannon had done so over that network’s airwaves. The Real America’s Voice lower-third is clearly visible on the now-infamous Nov. 5 broadcast, though it looks like everything before February has been deleted from the show archives at Real America’s Voice.

Any network who gave a platform to Bannon after his sordid, thuggish, racist, and outright criminal past at Breitbart, at the White House, and back at Breitbart would have to be disreputable, desperate, or some combination thereof. But any defensible reason to let Bannon stay on the air should have gone out the window on Nov. 5. Imagine if Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, or Lawrence O’Donnell made such threats against Trumpkins. They’d be rightly fired before the next commercial break—as they would be at any halfway respectable media organization.

Real America’s Voice seems to be trying to outdo Newsmax and One America News in trying to brand itself as the alternative for those who think Fox News is too squishy. It was known as simply “America’s Voice News” from its launch in 2018 until it added the “Real” in 2020. It bills itself as “a platform that fosters the real voice of America.” I’d like to know when the “real voice of America” included threatening to behead people and put their heads on pikes.

I did some digging, and it turns out Real America’s Voice is owned by a company called Performance One Media, whose best-known brand is the cable and satellite weather network WeatherNation. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I would want to work for a network that’s owned by a company that appears to condone political violence. Yep, you saw right—that’s exactly what Performance One and Real America’s Voice are doing by letting Bannon stay.

Even if Solomon has demonstrated himself to be a full-on hack, it’s only fair to wonder why he would partner with a network that condoned this kind of terroristic bile. And it’s equally fair to wonder why CBN allows Brody to do business with such a network. You would think this would be too much even for Pat Robertson.

Let’s be clear: Bannon’s threats against Fauci and Wray must not be tolerated on any halfway-civilized platform. If Real America’s Voice considers that acceptable for its airwaves, then it’s time to give that network the InfoWars/Milo treatment. That is, it’s past time for it to be deplatformed.

Real America’s Voice currently airs on Dish Network (channel 219) and on Pluto TV (channel 240). It also has channels on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, and apps for the iPhone and Android. Report them accordingly.

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