Your mega round-up of free music, museums, and art to check out virtually amid coronavirus outbreaks

Your mega round-up of free music, museums, and art to check out virtually amid coronavirus outbreaks

Whether you’re spending more time inside or solo because you’re quarantined, isolated, or just trying to practice social distancing, you might be eager for, well, new things to do. There are the obvious choices: streaming our favorite TV shows and movies, refreshing social media feeds and downloading audio or e-books. Those are all great, but if you’re looking for variety, a number of free, virtual resources have sprung up while people are lying low.

Whether you’re into classical music, museums, art galleries, live music from balconies, or want to check out some professional singers giving free performances online, there’s plenty to be found. Check out the round-up below, and please share any resources in the comments too.

Tune in for some free nightly opera streams.

Kudos to all the cultural outlets who are streaming performances and screenings for #FlattenTheCurve shut-ins. I’m going to start aggregating the ones I see below, starting w this from the Met.

� Garance Franke-Ruta (@thegarance) March 14, 2020

Check out some museums virtually.

In isolation missing seminars? Take some virtual museum tours?

� Professor Amanda Vickery (@Amanda_Vickery) March 13, 2020

Including the bird museum.

today is the grand opening of � THE BIRD MUSEUM � a virtual museum of over 1000 birds, by very kind and talented folks on twitter! download here:

� Louie Zong (@everydaylouie) March 13, 2020

And a huge compilation of museums plus art galleries.

#WithEverythingSuspended #socialdistancingnow Parents with kids at home from schools! How about taking the time to virtually visit over 500 art museums & galleries around the world? It’s like Google Maps but it’s ART!!!! Bookmark this page!!!

� Larissa Marantz Illustrator (@LarissaMarantz) March 14, 2020

Music is thriving from balconies in Italy.

Music against fear and isolation!#Italy #covid_19italia #Quarantine #coronavirus

� Bella Ciao (@tonyfolador) March 13, 2020

Music teacher Alessandro Leo performs on a balcony in Italy, where more than 17,660 people have been infected by the coronavirus. Many who are in quarantined areas have tried to keep up morale by singing and eating on their balconies as a community.

� ABC News (@ABC) March 13, 2020

What a beautiful sight to see this DJ play a set on his balcony in Italy during the quarantine. Music connects in good and bad times ��

âÂ�Â� Spinnin’ Records (@SpinninRecords) March 14, 2020

As is goofiness.

i wish i was in Italy rn they�re all just vibing � #QuarantineLife

� ��� (@BatataaMe2liye) March 16, 2020

Humor helps!

Trying to play my part and stay home, but now I know how Ariel felt. #QuarantineLife

� Bryan Namba (@bryantnamba) March 16, 2020

Some people are bringing (small) parades inside.

My very responsible 65+ parents are social distancing and threw themselves their own St. Patrick�s Day parade �

� Christina Cauterucci (@c_cauterucci) March 15, 2020

As well as the cruise experience.

Cruise from the safety of your home #SocialDistancing

� ian bremmer (@ianbremmer) March 16, 2020

Musicians are offering loads of free, virtual performances to boost morale.

A ver si la gente lo entiende con una canci�³n #qu�©dateentuputacasa #quedateencasa #Covid_19 #estadodealarma #coronavirusEspana

â�� Olaya Alc�¡zar (@olaya_alcazar) March 13, 2020

The hugs will come back, the slow kisses. From the distance, stay together. Hearts can be touched without hands. We will come out of this together, elbow to elbow… @drexlerjorge Jorge Drexler, 2020#COVIDãÂ�¼19

� Jose L. #STAYHOME Flores-Guerrero MD. MSc. PhD(c). (@JLuis_FG) March 15, 2020

Ã�¡Ay, que pena siente el alma por que se acalla tu voz, en este momento atroz en que hace falta la calma! Mariano, tu lucha empalma con la de toda tu gente y hoy, mÃ�¡s que nunca, se siente tu fe, que es amor y paz… En tu pueblo vivirÃ�¡s: Ã�¡Mariano Puga Presente!

� Nano Stern (@nanostern) March 5, 2020

Want to make your own music? Korg and Moor just made some synth apps free.

Moog and Korg have made certain synth apps free in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

� Sean Adams (@seaninsound) March 15, 2020

Or listen to some live classical music from the professionals.

More live classical music available to stream for free from the Seattle Symphony, spotted by @ReasonAboveAll:

� Snigdha (@snigskitchen) March 15, 2020

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or in need of some extra care during the coronavirus outbreaks, don’t hesitate to reach out to mental health support. Daily Kos compiled a list of free mental health resources, as well as tips on combatting stress and loneliness during isolation. And remember, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 is free, confidential, and available 24/7. 

Have you found anything new or surprising to pass the time while isolated or social distancing?

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