Saturday open thread for night owls: 100s of ex-DOJ officials blast Trump’s attacks on Mueller

Saturday open thread for night owls: 100s of ex-DOJ officials blast Trump’s attacks on Mueller

Some 250 former Department of Justice officials have signed a letter posted on Medium expressing their objections to the way Pr*sident Trump has attacked the department and the Russia investigation. 

Elie Mystal, executive editor of the website Above the Law, notes:

I don’t expect this letter to convince Trump; our National Legal Adviser, Fox & Friends, is unlikely to summarize this letter in their daily briefing to the president. But I’d like to think it could convince even craven partisans to realize the scope of legal opposition against a president using his power to stop an investigation into himself.

If you are former DOJ, take a look. Getting the number to 300 would at least allow me to make Thermopylae jokes when the God King President surrounds Rosenstein.

Here is the letter:

We, the undersigned, are proud alumni of the United States Department of Justice. We served this institution out of a commitment to the founding American principles that our democratic republic depends upon the rule of law, that the law must be applied equally, and that no one is above the law. Many of us served with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. Those of us who served with these men know them to be dedicated public servants committed to these principles. All of us served with thousands of their peers at the Department, who also swear an oath to serve, defend, and protect the United States, the Constitution and the American people. We know that there are thousands of public servants at the Department today who serve these principles and all of us.

We are therefore deeply disturbed by the attacks that have been levied against the good men and women of the Department. Not only is it an insult to their public service, but any attempt to corrupt or undermine the even-handed application of the rule of law threatens the foundation of our Republic. We know the people who serve at the Department will bravely weather these attacks and continue to uphold their oaths by doing only what the law dictates. But it is up to the rest of us, and especially our elected representatives, to come to their defense and oppose any attempt by the President or others to improperly interfere in the Department’s work, including by firing either Mr. Mueller, Mr. Rosenstein or other Department leadership or officials for the purpose of interfering in their investigations. Should the President take such a step, we call on Congress to swiftly and forcefully respond to protect the founding principles of our Republic and the rule of law.

If you are a former DOJ employee and would like to add your name below, click here. This list will be updated twice daily with new signatories.

Individual statements from signatories are available here.




The only Mission Accomplished I wanna hear is from #RobertMueller

— 🖕ðŸÂ»Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit 🖕ðŸÂ» (@DearAuntCrabby) April 14, 2018


On this date at Daily Kos in 2009—Texas declares sovereignty from U.S.:

If you dismissed Glenn Beck’s argument for seceding from the Union as the isolated ravings of a lunatic, think again.

In this audiotape, Texas Governor Rick Perry wades into General Beck’s loony bin and declares Texas’ sovereignty from the U.S., saying that the time has come to “draw the line in the sand” against the federal government. “No longer are we going to accept their oppressive hand in the state of Texas.

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