Another consequence of that GOP-blocked border bill? It’s easier to smuggle fentanyl

Another consequence of that GOP-blocked border bill? It’s easier to smuggle fentanyl

It’s been weeks since private citizen Donald Trump killed Congress’ tough bipartisan border deal because he needed something to run on besides raining pestilence and woe upon his enemies, stopping Barack Obama from winning a third term, possibly invading Mexico, and restoring water pressure to the shower head in his semi-public stolen nuclear documents library. That was an outrage, of course, but Trump reasoned—perhaps correctly—that people are less likely to notice a little backroom political subterfuge than those imagined throngs of brown people lining up at the border, maliciously plotting to lower our crime rates and boost our economy.

Now NBC News has discovered that Republicans’ insincerity also extends to one of their favorite border bugaboos: the shipments of fentanyl that seep through our decidedly not-open southern border. Of course, the GOP loves demagoguing America’s fentanyl problem because 1) unlike most things they whine about, opioid addiction is actually a serious issue, 2) it excites both the “immigrants are scary” and “drugs are bad” lobes of the MAGA brain, and 3) Joe Biden is currently president, so they think they can hang the whole mess around his neck.

Of course, Republicans’ preferred narrative—that Biden has left the border wide open (he hasn’t) and that’s why fentanyl is pouring into the country—has never made a whit of sense. For one thing, the vast majority of fentanyl is smuggled through the country through legal points of entry. For another, U.S. citizens are far more likely to be convicted of fentanyl trafficking than noncitizens. But if there’s one sin Republicans can never be forgiven for, it’s interrupting Donny Trump Story Time. 

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