‘Arizonans won’t be fooled’ by Kari Lake’s new stance on abortion rights

‘Arizonans won’t be fooled’ by Kari Lake’s new stance on abortion rights

Republicans spent decades staking out increasingly extreme positions on abortion, while at the same time shooting down family-supporting initiatives like child tax credits, paid parental leave, prenatal care, and government-subsidized child care. But now, as it becomes abundantly clear that their extreme forced-birtherism is marginally less popular than the raw vegan tapas booth at CPAC, they’re trying to pretend they’re not Republicans.

Now the GOP’s conspicuous flip-floppery has found its exemplar in U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake. Lake—a key proponent of the Big Lie who denied the election results in her own losing Arizona gubernatorial bid—wants us to believe she’s had a genuine change of heart when it comes to forcing her would-be constituents to give birth to babies they don’t want. 

In a new interview with NBC News, Lake tried to distance herself from her past forced-birth positions like Quint scurrying away from the shark at the end of “Jaws.” Maybe the interview wasn’t quite as gruesome as that scene, but then “Jaws” wasn’t filmed through six layers of gauze and enough Vaseline to squeeze a Clydesdale through a cat door.

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