Arizona’s Wendy Rogers extremely desperate to be on the wrong side of history

Arizona’s Wendy Rogers extremely desperate to be on the wrong side of history

Wendy Rogers claims she speaks for the people, yet she’s released just three paltry letters of support on her website, all of which slam the Arizona senate for censuring her in a historic 24-3 vote over her speech at a Nazi conference, plus her exhaustingly divisive social media presence. The folks who aren’t her constituents are somehow eating up her extremism, having donated nearly $2 million to a candidate they can’t even cast a ballot for. The censuring only emboldened Rogers to seek further donations via email, according to The Washington Post, and she hasn’t exactly backed down from any of her incendiary statements. Prior to being censured, Rogers had a chance to speak at the Nick Fuentes-run (yes, that Nick Fuentes) America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). She took it as an opportunity to openly endorse the far right, slam fellow lawmakers like Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw, and really make her feelings for Robert E. Lee known despite the racist and incompetent joke of a general having died more than 150 years ago.

Rogers proudly boasted of being on the wrong side of history for her antisemitism, wearing the designation of being called an extremist by the Anti-Defamation League as a badge of honor. She then decided disgracing her lineage was the next best move when it comes to showing just how dedicated she is to her Nazi grift. “My ancestry from Maine fought on the side of the union and knew Joshua Chamberlain but I still respect Robert E Lee,” Rogers said to cheers, “because the revisionist left is trying to destroy him. And he can’t be here to defend himself. He was an honorable man.” Also during her speech, Rogers called for traitors to be “hanged” and “use a newly built set of gallows.” This isn’t a great look for anyone, much less a sitting lawmaker, but Rogers hasn’t exactly apologized for her comments or accepting an invitation to speak at AFPAC.

My speech at AFPAC was spot on.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) March 2, 2022

She refused to condemn the event itself or Fuentes, and even took pains in her speech to lament his deplatforming and “de-banking.” A former Rogers campaign worker was somewhat shocked that this is what the retired Air Force veteran had turned into since running five unsuccessful conservative campaigns that were far more traditional than her present fascination with nonexistent election fraud, discriminating against undocumented migrants, and pushing bullshit antisemitic theories. “She was not one to make the kind of polarizing statements she makes now. There were no alarms bells,” Bert Coleman, a political consultant who worked with Rogers years and years ago, told the Post. Those who first supported her are now embarrassed to have even been associated with her. “My wife gives me hell to this day for having supported her,” former Maricopa County attorney Rick Romley also told the Post.

Rogers serves an area spread across portions of four counties, three of which went for Trump during the 2020 presidential election. So far, no one has emerged to challenge her in the midterms. With redistricting, the sixth district that Rogers represents will now include sections of three more counties—two of which went for Trump—and the dropping of sections of the pro-Trump Yavapai County. It’s anyone’s guess who will emerge to challenge Rogers. It’s not like she’s garnered additional political support for her recent actions, though their silence is deafening. Gov. Doug Doucey has refused to take a stand against Rogers, and the Rogers-endorsed Kari Lake has yet to issue a statement about her colleague’s conduct. There are ways to ensure lawmakers like Rogers don’t remain in positions of power in Arizona. Donate to ActBlue to help make Arizona’s future a more progressive one.

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