Building Biden’s Cabinet

Building Biden’s Cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden has begun to build out his administration as he prepares to take office in January, naming a team of people to help him tackle an historic global pandemic rebuild the economy, fight climate change and reset American foreign policy. Beginning with his picks to lead the State Department, Homeland Security Department and other national security posts, the Biden transition team has been rapidly vetting and rolling out nominees for a range of Cabinet jobs in recent days and weeks.

With the exception of John Kerry, Biden’s pick to serve as a “global climate czar” in the White House, all of these positions require Senate approval — no small task in what’s likely to remain a Republican-controlled chamber. And despite selecting a number of nominees who would be historic “firsts” in their roles — including Janet Yellen as the first female Treasury secretary and Gen. Lloyd Austin as the first Black secretary of Defense — Biden is also facing pushback from lawmakers and activists of color, who feel that his administration still has too many white, male faces in positions of power.

POLITICO is maintaining a rolling list of the people Biden has chosen for Cabinet posts and those in the mix for positions that have yet to be filled:

Secretary of State

Secretary of Homeland Security

U.N. Ambassador

Director of National Intelligence

Special Climate Envoy

Treasury Secretary

OMB Director

Health and Human Services Secretary

Defense Secretary

Attorney General

Agriculture Secretary

Commerce Secretary

U.S. Trade Representative

Labor Secretary

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Education Secretary

Veterans Affairs Secretary

Transportation Secretary

Energy Secretary

Interior Secretary

EPA Administrator

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