Call For Koscar Nominations #1: Outstanding Snark/Satire

Call For Koscar Nominations #1: Outstanding Snark/Satire

Daily Kos was born on May 26, 2002. That makes 2022 our 20th anniversary year, and just one of the ways we’re celebrating is by bringing back the Koscars! One of the things that makes Daily Kos special is our open platform, where Community members can publish stories alongside Staff; the Koscars seek to acknowledge and honor outstanding writing contributions from everyone. The entire Daily Kos membership is “the Academy,” so your votes decide the winners.

Before we can get to voting—a beloved Daily Kos activity, indeed—we need nominees. This week, we are requesting nominations for Outstanding Snark/Satire Story. When you think of Outstanding Snark and Satire, does a favorite story come to mind?

Nominate it now!

The Koscars go to a specific story, not to an author, so you can nominate several different stories, even if they’re written by the same person. Don’t try to avoid making a choice by saying “everything [name] ever wrote.” Part of the point of the Koscars is the fun and nostalgia of re-reading old favorites.

On to this week’s category!

Outstanding Snark/Satire

A lot of writing at Daily Kos can be confusing until you get the idea of what snark is: part sarcasm, part satire, part silly, part self-deprecation, and delivered deadpan as though you are absolutely serious and not making a joke of any kind. It is sophisticated humor that makes you hold at least three ideas in your mind at the same time: the actual words on the page, the between-the-lines message that is really being sent, and your own opinion of the person or event being criticized.

It’s hard to define snark, but we know it when we see it—and we see a lot of it here. If you’re still not sure what it means, click on some of the stories others are mentioning to get the feel of it.

Nominations will be open as long as this story is accepting comments. You can nominate any writing that has ever been posted on Daily Kos. Don’t be shy: You can even nominate yourself!

Tip: Stories with multiple nominations have a better chance of making it into the final list of nominees.

Finalists in all categories will be presented on Tues., May 17, when the voting begins! Two winners in each category will be announced on our 20th anniversary—Thursday, May 26!

Foreign and domestic events being what they are, isn’t a lighthearted project like this a welcome distraction from talk of war, Supreme Court controversy, and general anxiety over the midterms? Let’s look back and celebrate the best of who we are, and the best of what we have to offer.

here’s how YOU can participate in the Koscars:

  • Be on the lookout for the nomination request each week.

  • Read, recommend, and comment so it will stay visible on the Trending List as long as possible.

  • Make nominations in each category, including seconding nominations made by others (where applicable).

  • Vote when the final list of nominees is presented on Tuesday, May 17.

  • Congratulate the Koscar winners on our 20th anniversary—Thursday, May 26!

In the comments below, please share your nominations for Outstanding Snark/Satire story.

Remember: Nominations are open until Wed., March 16.

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