Caribbean Matters: Honoring Pablo ‘Yoruba’ Guzman

Caribbean Matters: Honoring Pablo ‘Yoruba’ Guzman

Journalist and activist Pablo “Yoruba” Guzmán joined the ancestors on Nov. 26, 2023. As I wrote at the time:

He may not be someone you recognize unless you lived in New York City during his time as a television reporter, or you read some of his written work in the Village Voice or Rolling Stone. Perhaps you have had the chance to learn the history of The Young Lords Organization in Chicago, and The Young Lords Party in New York City, where he was a founding member, and minister of information on our organization’s Central Committee.

It is important that we honor Pablo’s role in our history. He was not just our comrade, brother, friend, father, son, husband, and a beloved member of the New York City community. He also was not just a proudly Black Puerto Rican Cuban American who fought for us all as an activist. He was also one of the first major network reporters with his background to be seen on television news.

This Saturday, those of us who knew him, loved him, and were affected by his actions through his years in the struggle will gather to celebrate his life at an historic site in East Harlem (also known as el Barrio, or Spanish Harlem): The People’s Church.

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