Caribbean Matters: The push for yet another ‘intervention’ in Haiti

Caribbean Matters: The push for yet another ‘intervention’ in Haiti

Watching outside diplomatic efforts to once again “deal with” Haiti while knowing the history of past failed interventions there—which have kept Haiti from being able to govern itself—is frustrating and rage-inducing. Not just for Haitians, but also for anyone who’s been steeped in the history of Haiti’s ongoing punishment for having dared to become the first symbol of Black freedom from enslavement.

It’s a revolution for which they are still paying the price.

This week, headlines about Kenyan soldiers heading to the poorest nation in the western hemisphere once again blare “Haiti in crisis” and “gangs roam the streets,” while unelected Prime Minister Ariel Henry is well into his third year in power, propped up by the U.S.

Notably, elections have not been held since the July 2021 assassination of Prime Minister Jovenel Moïse that led to Henry’s ascension.

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