Daily Kos readers delivered big this cycle. Thank you.

Daily Kos readers delivered big this cycle. Thank you.

As the last votes are counted and close races are called, I wanted to take a moment to thank Daily Kos readers for everything you did this election cycle.

Democratic voters defied precedent and projections. We would be in a much more perilous position without every single donation, door knock, call, text, letter, blog and social media post, and vote you delivered in defense of reproductive rights, democracy, and basic human decency.

Daily Kos Elections has the details, so I won’t focus on that here (but damn, it feels good to be a winner). I just wanted to thank this community for showing up. We asked a lot of our readers. We asked often. We asked you for things that may have made you uncomfortable (looking at you, first-time volunteers!). As much as we may argue among ourselves, I’m proud of the way we unified in defense of our freedoms and communities.  

Thank you for putting in the effort. Thank you for trusting our leadership. Thank you for showing up. Just … thank you.


Daily Kos recruited more than 50,000 volunteers to get out the Democratic vote for the November election. Chip in $5 to help us get out the vote for the Georgia runoff.

Election 2022 is officially in overtime, with a Georgia Runoff. We must get out every last Democratic voter for Raphael Warnock. Click here to volunteer in whatever way possible you can.

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