Democrat Josh Shapiro keeps the Pennsylvania governor’s seat blue

Democrat Josh Shapiro keeps the Pennsylvania governor’s seat blue

Democrat Josh Shapiro has become the first governor of Pennsylvania elected to succeed a member of his party since 1966, defeating extremist whack-job Doug Mastriano to do it. Shapiro has served as Attorney General for the state since 2017, and in 2020 became the highest vote-getter in Pennsylvania history, outrunning even President Joe Biden.

In one of his first big cases as AG, Shapiro exposed sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He brokered a deal between two health care giants in the state, preserving coverage for nearly 2 million Pennsylvanians. He successfully sued a fracking company for pollution; preserved wage protections for tipped workers in a suit against the Trump administration; led a national $2 billion lawsuit against student loan servicing behemoth Navient, securing debt cancellation and restitution for tens of thousands of borrowers; secured a major redlining settlement against a discriminatory multi-state lender; and convicted an energy company that polluted water supplies in the construction of two pipelines. Just for starters. Not for nothing, he also fought off multiple legal battles by Trump to steal the Pennsylvania election in 2020.  

He also fought off Trump’s choice for Pennsylvania governor, the ridiculous and dangerous Doug Mastriano, who is arguably the most extreme of the election deniers on the 2022 ballot. Mastriano, a Christian nationalist, prayed for Congress to “rise up” on Jan. 6 and overturn the election, chartered buses to attend the insurrection, vowed to ban abortions in all cases, and campaigned at QAnon events. Thank you, Pennsylvania voters, for not losing your goddamned minds.

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