Dominion lets Rudy Giuliani know it intends to sue him for his campaign of lies

Dominion lets Rudy Giuliani know it intends to sue him for his campaign of lies

Earlier in the week voting machine manufacturers Smartmatic and Dominion let it be known to conservative conspiracy peddlers Fox News and Newsmax that they would likely be filing lawsuits after the “news” outlets promoted 100% fake, and known fake, claims about the voting machine companies somehow being in cahoots to cheat Donald Trump out of an election win. While the barrier to successfully suing even the worst news outlet is very high, experts suggested that both companies have a very strong case.

Now Dominion Voting Systems has followed up with a threatened lawsuit that might be even easier to prove. White House counsel Pat Cipollone and weird melting Trump bag man Rudy Giuliani have both been notified by Dominion that they must now “preserve and retain all documents related to” their false conspiracy claims against the company, and to expect an “imminent” lawsuit over their “defamatory claims.”

Both voting machine companies would seem to have the conservative conspiracy peddlers dead to rights on this one. Giuliani and other “presidential” media blabbermouths have been gleefully inventing tales about Dominion and Smartmatic, many of them so ridiculous that no sentient human could possibly believe them to be the truth. Those hoaxes have been so widely broadcast that they now threaten the very existence of both firms—all because Trump allies must invent imaginary reasons for Trump’s very real loss at the polls.

So yes, please, sue these twits for all they’re worth. It’s going to be embarrassing if one of the things that saves democracy from fascist conspiracy propaganda is the propagandists stepping too eagerly on a private for-profit company’s toes, but not embarrassing enough to turn down.

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