Donald Trump picked the absolute worst state to FAFO

Donald Trump picked the absolute worst state to FAFO

There’s a reason why Donald Trump’s attorneys keep trying to delay any legal action until after the 2024 election, and it has nothing to do with protecting Trump’s rally schedule. Should Trump, God help us all, find his way back into the White House, he’s counting on his ability to make federal charges disappear with a snap of his tiny fingers. Should any other Republican get the chance to hold up their hand and take the oath, Trump can always count on them to throw him a lifeline. Heck, there’s even a fair chance that President Joe Biden, last great believer in bipartisanship and the intrinsic goodness of his political enemies, might give Trump a pardon. Especially if any of Biden’s former Senate colleagues approach him with sad puppy-dog eyes.

But no one in the White House can waive state charges. The presidential pardon purview doesn’t quite stop at the waters of the Potomac, but it is limited to crimes charged in federal court.

Still, that leaves 26 states out there with Republican governors who might be all too happy to pre-squash any indictment the moment it appears. But even if Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp were so inclined, he doesn’t have that option. Georgia is one of very few states where the governor has no pardon power at all. Trump may have picked the very worst place to FAFO.

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