Donald Trump’s desperation is showing—more than usual

Donald Trump’s desperation is showing—more than usual

As the ides of April approach, Donald Trump faces a heap of trouble—of his own making, naturally—that has him flopping about like a stunned carp on the bottom of a rowboat. And, frankly, he’s looking pretty desperate. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty desperate.

There’s more video of Trump bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade than of Melania slapping his wee, scurvy hand away, so he can’t really run away from the issue. But he sure is trying. And as dense as Donald is, he surely knows he’s royally fucked himself.

Earlier this week, he apparently thought that by invoking states’ rights—a concept that holds a natural appeal for Republicans thanks to their enthusiastic support of veiled racism—he could wriggle out from the trap he’s in. But it looks like he ended up chewing off his own leg instead. So he’s desperately talking about anything else, using his flailing and failing Truth Social grift side hustle to support his main mission: becoming president again so he can stay out of prison.

Unfortunately for him—and fortunately for sentient beings everywhere—he’s fucking that up, too.

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