Donald Trump’s no good, very bad week talking about abortion

Donald Trump’s no good, very bad week talking about abortion

Let’s be clear: If Donald Trump is talking about abortion, he’s losing. He and his campaign would much rather be playing offense, slamming President Joe Biden on issues like immigration and the economy as the 2024 presidential race heats up.

But when he’s talking about abortion, Trump is playing defense. So at the outset of the week, Trump tried to put the issue to rest. Here’s a very brief recap of how that worked out.

Monday: After months of obfuscation, Trump finally stated his position on abortion: Individual states should decide the issue. Electorally speaking, Trump’s states’ rights stance seemed like his least bad play in a crappy hand. The worst option, it seemed, would be endorsing a national ban of any kind.

The Biden campaign ran with it, hanging every horrific statewide abortion ban around Trump’s neck.

Tuesday:¬† Arizona’s extremist Supreme Court upholds a near-total abortion ban that dates back to 1864, without exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother (unless her life is in jeopardy).

Biden again saddles Trump with another Draconian ban.

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