Elon Musk is spreading MAGA lies about election fraud—again

Elon Musk is spreading MAGA lies about election fraud—again

It’s hard to understand how Elon Musk can be the CEO of two companies when he seems to spend all his time on X (formerly Twitter) boosting right-wing lies and acting out because his transgender daughter wants nothing to do with him. In the past day, Musk posted about migrants allegedly causing violence (twice), about how Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas deserves to be impeached (twice), about how the border bill is unnecessary (three times), and about how there is a conspiracy to turn kids trans (three times). 

He also posted a video claiming that using TikTok leads to the deaths of children … after it first convinces them to be trans. In between all this and a day of attacking the border security bill, Musk did slip in a tweet promoting his Starlink satellite internet service. So he’ll probably ask for a raise.

All this stuff has been left up, no matter how mean-spirited and simply wrong it is. But there is one Musk tweet that goes extra hard at supporting MAGA and Donald Trump—the one where he endorses every false claim about voting fraud. 

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