‘Enough of their price gouging’: New Democratic ad slams ‘greedflation’

‘Enough of their price gouging’: New Democratic ad slams ‘greedflation’

Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, facing a tough reelection against Republican and former hedge fund manager David McCormick, is signaling to voters that he’s on their side in the fight against inflation.

Casey’s first ad of the cycle centers on “greedlfation,” the concept that the rise in prices squeezing consumers is mainly driven by corporate greed for excessive profits.

“I’m taking on big corporations because I’ve had enough of their price gouging. I call it greedflation, and I’m fighting back,” Casey wrote Thursday in a tweet featuring the ad.

“My plan gives the Federal Trade Commission the power to punish corporate price-gouging. And let’s roll back their huge corporate tax breaks, putting money in your pocket instead,” Casey explains after the spot ticks through a list of reasons the price of common goods have spiraled.

Recent Navigator Research polling found that 85% of voters believe corporate greed has contributed to inflation, with 59% calling it a “major” cause factor.

Democrats seem keen to make it a part of the 2024 pitch. 

President Joe Biden even gave Casey’s initiative a shout out during his recent State of the Union address.

“Pass Bobby Casey’s bill and stop this,” he said. “I really mean it.”


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