‘Everyone trying to trick me,’ Walker says when shown a check he admits he wrote

‘Everyone trying to trick me,’ Walker says when shown a check he admits he wrote

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker gave an interview Sunday with NBC News, and aside from the usual GOP hyperbole about lowering taxes, drilling for oil, and respecting our “men in blue,” the Heisman Trophy-winning football player mostly spent his time denying things he’d said or asking the TODAY host to name her policy positions.

It’s obvious Walker’s been extensively trained in GOP rhetoric, but the veneer cracked when the nominee was handed a copy of the infamous $700 check he wrote to one of the mothers of his children in 2009, which she claims he wrote to pay for an abortion.

After weeks of denials and calls that he never paid the woman for an abortion, he finally told one truth: He admitted to NBC News that it was his signature on that check. Of course, he denies that it was to pay for an abortion. “Yes, that’s my check,” he said.

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But when it came to the abortion allegations, Walker said simply, “It’s a lie.” A devout, pro-life Christian, Walker told NBC News, “Prove that I did that. Just to show me things like that does nothing for me.”

On Oct. 3, The Daily Beast dropped a bombshell. According to reporter Roger Sollenberger, in 2009, Walker paid a girlfriend to get an abortion. The outlet corroborated the details of the woman’s abortion claims. She provided The Daily Beast with a receipt for $575 from the abortion clinic, and a copy of the bank deposit slip for the check Walker sent her. The $125 difference came after the woman said she “ball-parked” the amount for the abortion and included payment for her travel and recovery costs. The check came in a “get well” card, and the woman gave the outlet a photo of the card that included Walker’s signature at the bottom.

“You want me to answer something that’s a lie, and everyone’s trying to trick me and make me respond,” he said, adding, “Show where I have said that this is [for] an abortion.”

When pushed on flip-flopping in last Friday’s debate against his opponent, incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock, Walker denied ever saying that he had reversed course on exceptions for rape or incest. Doubling down on what he said during the debate, Walker repeated that he supports Georgia’s “heartbeat bill,” which offers exceptions for rape or incest. Except that after a campaign speech in Macon, Georgia, Walker was heard saying, “There’s no exception in my mind.”

The interview went all kinds of crazy when Walker was asked about crime and what bills he might sponsor if elected. Defending the police, Walker said that “more police have been killed” in the last two years. “Officers are being killed right now […] But, should they have the disrespect for officers; they shoot officer; ambush officer; What should we do about it?” Walker asked. And then accused Warnock of “calling them names.”

The host then confronted Walker about the moment in the debate against Warnock where in the middle of everything, he flashed a prop badge in an attempt to prove that he is a member of law enforcement.

“That is a legit badge,” Walker told NBC News. “I carry it with me all the time. It’s a real badge. It’s not a fake badge.”

Walker added that he has “badges all over, all over Georgia” and pulled out what he called an “honorary” sheriff’s badge. “If anything happen in this county, I have the right to work with the police to getting things done,” Walker added. “People don’t know that I’ve been working with law enforcement for years.”

Walker says he does training and leadership programs. “They can call me whenever they want me, and I have the authority to do things for them.”

When asked about whether his “friend,” former President Donald Trump, should be subpoenaed by the House committee investigating Jan. 6, Walker said, “I’m not a lawyer, but I watch a lot of Judge Judy though.”

In the end, the host asked Walker to name one thing President Joe Biden has done in office that he supports. “He eat a lot of ice-cream,” the Senate candidate said.

Since Daily Kos began reporting on Walker, we’ve covered his ubiquitous lies. He’s lied about graduating from the University of Georgia. He did not, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He hid the fact that he had any children other than his 22-year-old son Christian. He’s exaggerated his business acumen. He’s told the tall tale about the time he founded (or co-founded) the veterans’ organization Patriot Supportwhich he did not. He recently tried to deny that Donald Trump ever said the 2020 election was stolen, and he lied about his companies’ alleged charitable donations, nearly none of which were able to be verified by The Washington Post. Walker even tried to tie himself to Indigenous people by claiming that his mother told him that his grandmother was “full-blood Cherokee,” something that has not been verified, and even his mother seemed confused about when asked.

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