Far-right mayor faces tough reelection in Alaska’s largest city

Far-right mayor faces tough reelection in Alaska’s largest city

Nine different candidates have filed to challenge Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson in the city’s fast-approaching April 2 elections, but while the contest is officially nonpartisan, battle lines have already been drawn—some ideological, and some personal.

Out of this large field, the Anchorage Daily News writes that three of Bronson’s opponents are waging credible campaigns to deny him a second three-year term as leader of The Last Frontier’s largest city. (Anchorage is the rare major American city where terms last an odd number of years.)

The only Democrat in this trio is former state House Majority Leader Chris Tuck, while the other two members—former Anchorage Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance and former Anchorage Economic Development Corp. CEO Bill Popp—aren’t registered with any party. The local Democratic Party, however, endorsed both Tuck and LaFrance.

Anchorage, according to data from Dave’s Redistricting App, favored Joe Biden 49-47 in 2020. But the hard-right Bronson, a first-time candidate who emphasized his opposition to the city’s pandemic health measures, won the race for mayor 51-49 against Democratic Assembly member Forrest Dunbar six months later, when Biden wasn’t on the ticket.

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