Fox News’ false Marine story is a ‘disgusting’ reminder of its fealty to the Republican Party

Fox News’ false Marine story is a ‘disgusting’ reminder of its fealty to the Republican Party

Ever wondered why Republicans in this country alternate between viewing President Joe Biden either as weak, feeble, and senile, or an all-powerful, scheming, mastermind of a sprawling “crime family?” Consider these two words: Fox News. As the primary propaganda arm of the Republican Party, Fox News begins and ends each day’s programming with some type of negative, mocking, or outrageous slur against Biden or members of his family, whether via commentary, a chyron, an interview, or, in some cases, outright fiction. The network’s singular aim, of course, is to serve a dominant counter-narrative to Biden’s successes for Republican voters and other passive viewers.

And for Fox, the trough is constantly replenished. Producers don’t seem to care what kind of swill they dump into it. There’s obviously no moral compass or journalistic imperative at work. For years they elevated Vladimir Putin into an object of admiration, while simultaneously heaping scorn on actual American patriots, simply because Donald Trump was credibly caught cavorting knee-deep in Russia’s disinformation cesspool. They enabled Trump and other Republicans’ atrocious performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, while hundreds of thousands of Americans met unnecessary deaths thanks, in no small part, to Fox’s own propaganda.  

For elected Republicans, simply being interviewed by Fox News appears to effect a remarkable transformation, one in which they’re suddenly transported to a pleasant fantasy-land where every lie is accepted without reservation, pushback, or even questioning, all in the noble service of a seemingly endless spigot of disinformation. No matter how outrageous, treasonous, or otherwise false the lie, if it comes from a Republican, it can always be readily regurgitated on Fox News.

The story related to Fox News by a Republican congressman about one family’s struggle to get the remains of their daughter, a U.S. Marine sergeant, returned home, is no exception.

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