Freedom Caucus member quits House after complaining Congress is ‘so broken’

Freedom Caucus member quits House after complaining Congress is ‘so broken’

Republican Rep. Mark Green, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, unexpectedly announced Wednesday that he would retire after just three terms representing Tennessee’s 7th District. The announcement came after Green had denied he would quit to CNN reporter Melanie Zanona earlier the same day.

Green, a hardliner who rose to national infamy in 2017 after Donald Trump tried to name him secretary of the Army, was eligible under GOP rules to serve two more terms as the top Republican on this powerful panel, which makes his departure all the more surprising. But he explained his decision by emphasizing his dissatisfaction with Congress.

“There’s also just the frustration of trying to get something done here,” he told Axios. “This place is so broken, and making a difference here is just you know, just it feels like a lot of something for nothing.” Green is a member of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, which has played a central role in fomenting dysfunction on Capitol Hill.

Whoever replaces Green, though, likely won’t be much different. His constituency, which includes western Nashville as well as nearby suburbs and further-flung rural areas, backed Donald Trump 56-41, so the winner of the Aug. 1 Republican primary will be the favorite to succeed him. The candidate filing deadline is April 4.

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