From the ‘big lie’ to the big grift, Trump’s destroying the RNC

From the ‘big lie’ to the big grift, Trump’s destroying the RNC

If Donald Trump knows how to do anything, it’s destroy a business. And while the Republican National Committee might not be a “business” in the conventional sense, Trump and his family are doing their level best to bring their special magic to the operation. Yup, they’re gonna burn the whole place down.

On Tuesday night, The Washington Post broke the news that prospective new RNC hires were being given a new loyalty test.

In recent days, Trump advisers have quizzed multiple employees who had worked in key 2024 states—and who are reapplying for jobs—about their views on the last presidential election, according to people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private interviews and discussions. The interviews have been conducted mostly virtually, as the applicants are based in key swing states.

“Was the 2020 election stolen?” one prospective employee recalled being asked in a room with two top Trump advisers.

The 2020 election was not stolen, of course. This lie was propagated by Donald Trump, a collection of now-indicted lawyers, aides, and hangers-on, as well as dozens of Republican members of Congress to delegitimize or even invalidate the election’s results. Through investigations and numerous court filings, we now know who constructed the lies, who spread them, what they were meant to achieve, and how the key players knew there was no damn evidence for any of it.

So prospective RNC hires were given this litmus test, according to the Post. It suggests that if the hires won’t parrot pro-sedition propaganda on Dear Leader’s behalf, there’s no room for them in Republicanism. And despite a bit of generic bluster from an RNC spokesperson, nobody’s much denying that.

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