Here’s how we flip George Santos’ seat from red to blue

Here’s how we flip George Santos’ seat from red to blue

In less than six weeks, we have the chance to reshape the narrative about the 2024 elections, bring Democrats one big step closer to taking back the House, and send Republicans into a panic—all by flipping the seat held until just last month by disgraced ex-Rep. George Santos.

Santos’ unprecedented expulsion gives us the opportunity to do all three on Feb. 13, when the special election for New York’s swingy 3rd Congressional District will take place. This is the kind of race that just begs for the Daily Kos community’s involvement, and after careful research, we’ve determined the best way we can make a major impact.

That’s why Daily Kos is proudly supporting Battleground New York, a grassroots effort backed by progressive groups and labor unions to engage in direct contact with the voters who will decide this contest. These experienced organizations will be knocking on tens of thousands of doors during this special election sprint to make sure we turn out every possible vote.

Please contribute $10 or $20 right now to help flip this district and close the books on George Santos!

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