House progressives join the crazy #MAGA cult on Ukraine

House progressives join the crazy #MAGA cult on Ukraine

UPDATE: Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 · 12:49:38 AM +00:00 · kos

Good points: 

And lastly – it’s really fucking depressing that some people have learnt nothing from history, nothing at all.

— Anastasiia Lapatina (@lapatina_) October 24, 2022

She also notes:

These democrats want “a new European security arrangement acceptable to all parties that will allow for a sovereign and independent Ukraine”. This is the problem. RUSSIA DOES NOT ACCEPT A SOVEREIGN UKRAINE. How many times does this have to be reiterated?

The ignorance of those writing and signing the letter is breathtaking. Sometimes it’s worth shutting up and learning a thing or two before speaking. To add: before the war, Ukraine agreed to neutrality. Russia didn’t care, because this has never been about NATO or Russia’s security—look at how they shrugged off Finland’s NATO bid. 

UPDATE: Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 · 12:06:46 AM +00:00 · kos

Looks like these progressives are getting hammered. 

Statement from @RepJayapal reaffirming support for Ukraine and clarifying the position of a letter to President Biden ⬇️

— Progressive Caucus (@USProgressives) October 24, 2022

The statement is empty. It means nothing. It doesn’t answer any of the substantive critiques of their original statement, and it won’t stop the Kremlin from using it in their propaganda all week. They handed Putin a victory for no freakin’ practical reason at all.

Any time you find yourself on the same side as Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green, you might want to think hard about proceeding. In a letter to President Joe Biden, 30 House progressives want the United States to “negotiate” with Russia to end the war in Ukraine. 

Given the destruction created by this war for Ukraine and the world, as well as the risk of catastrophic escalation, we also believe it is in the interests of Ukraine, the United States, and the world to avoid a prolonged conflict. For this reason, we urge you to pair the military and economic support the United States has provided to Ukraine with a proactive diplomatic push, redoubling efforts to seek a realistic framework for a ceasefire.

This is beyond naive, stupid and irresponsible. Let us count the ways: 

  • This is Ukraine’s war with Russia. The idea that the United States can waltz in and dictate terms to a foreign country would validate every accusation that Ukraine is America’s puppet, and validate tankie claims that the United States is an imperialistic power that can dictate the world order. Very ironic, indeed, from a caucus that bills itself as committed to anti-imperialism. 
  • The United States and Biden, along with our European allies, engaged in a strong diplomatic effort to prevent this war from starting in the first place. A lack of Western and American diplomacy isn’t what’s keeping the war going, it’s that Russia has zero interest in anything resembling honoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity. It has literally “annexed” four Ukrainian provinces it doesn’t even occupy, along with Crimea, which it annexed back in 2014. You think Russia is going to willingly surrender territory it considers part of Russia itself? 
  • Russia doesn’t honor agreements anyway. See this thread for more. 
  • Russia would kill for a ceasefire right now. In fact, it is literally doing that as it targets civilian infrastructure. Russian troops are being pushed back in three (and maybe four) of the oblasts (provinces) it currently occupies. They are so bereft of armor, that it has appropriated Belarus’ old shit tanks and armored personnel carriers for itself (as well as ammunition). It is begging Iran for suicide drones, rockets, and body armor and helmets. It has mobilized around 300-500,000 Russians and is shipping them to the front lines with little or even no military training. A ceasefire would allow them to lock in current gains—gains that it is losing daily—as well as train, equip, resupply, and set up better defenses. 

    In other words, a ceasefire would mark the end of Ukraine’s ability to retake its lands, and condemn its civilians behind enemy lines to rape and murder. 

The letter eventually gets to its point: 

The conflict has also contributed to elevated gas and food prices at home, fueling inflation and high oil prices for Americans in recent months. 

Goddam gas prices are the root of evil. The day when we can get off that godforsaken dead-dinosaur juice will be the day that tyrants like Vladimir Putin and the House of Saud can no longer hold the world hostage to their depravities. 

Much better use of their time would’ve been to push more loudly for a windfall tax on oil companies celebrating record profits

Exxon alone reported a profit of $17.9 billion – the highest quarterly profit reported by any oil company in history – while Chevron reported $11.6 billion, Shell reported $11.47 billion, and BP reported $8.45 billion. These are record-shattering figures for the companies and the result of them reaping enormous profits on the backs of hardworking families.

For context, in all of 2020, Exxon had profits of $8.9 billion, and $23 billion in 2021. And here it is, earning $17.9 billion in a single three-month quarter. But sure, blame Ukrainians fighting desperately and dying for their lands and, even more importantly, for its people trapped behind enemy lines. 

The MAGA crowd like Boebert, Taylor Green, J.D. Vance, and Donald Trump must be thrilled that House progressives are giving Putin aid and succor as his army desperately clings to their ill-gotten gains. They must all be thrilled that the war criminals in the Kremlin are getting support because, you know, gas prices are high. (For the record, natural gas prices in Europe are lower now than they were a year ago, and nothing has been more directly impacted by the war than European natural gas prices.) 

The letter was signed by Reps. Pramila Jayapal (WA, leading the pack), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Cori Bush (MO), Chuy Garcia (CA), Raul Grijalva (AZ), Sara Jacobs (CA), Ro Khanna (CA), Barbara Lee (CA), Ilhan Omar (MN), Ayanna Pressley (MA), Sheila Lee Jackson (TX), Mark Pocan (WI), Nydia Velazquez ( NY), Gwen Moore (WI), Yvette Clark (NY), Hank Johnson (GA), Rashida Tlaib (MI), AOC (MA), Mondaire Jones (NY), Peter DeFazio (OR), Jamaal Bowman (NY), Marie Newman (IL), Alma Adams (NC), Chellie Pingree (ME), Jamie Raskin (MD), Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ), Mark Takano (CA), Andrew Carson (IN), Donald Payne (NJ), and Mark DeSaulnier (CA). 

Those are all great Democrats, but they are incredibly wrong on this issue. [Edit: Actually, Ro Khanna is terrible. The others are good.] One House progressive who didn’t sign the letter was Rep. Ruben Gallego. 

The way to end a war? Win it quickly. How is it won quickly? By giving Ukraine the weapons to defeat Russia.

— Ruben Gallego (@RepRubenGallego) October 24, 2022

Sure beats joining the MAGA caucus to give Putin what he desperately needs to get away with his murderous invasion. At a time when he’s under intense domestic and international pressure, this must have him giddy.

Watch Russian state TV have a propaganda field day with this letter. 

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