House Republicans lament the chaos they keep creating

House Republicans lament the chaos they keep creating

The disastrously unproductive first year of Republican House rule keeps making headlines. That’s partly because some of the people who created all the chaos are publicly complaining to the press that they’re getting nothing done while refusing to allow any real work to progress. The leopards eating faces are lamenting the “embarrassing” results of face eating, but keep on chowing down.

Take Freedom Caucus member Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona. He was one of the eight who voted to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  “We have nothing,” he said in a recent Newsmax interview, reported by NBC. “In my opinion, we have nothing to go out there and campaign on. It’s embarrassing.”

That’s the same lament another Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, made on the House floor late last year. “One thing. I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing,” Roy yelled on the House floor on Wednesday. “One. That I can go campaign on and say we did. One!” Roy told NBC that he stands by that rant “because nothing’s been delivered yet—no final product.” Roy has been one of the handful of hard-liners who keep shutting the House down by bucking leadership on procedural votes.

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