House Speaker Mike Johnson sets off a new GOP civil war

House Speaker Mike Johnson sets off a new GOP civil war

House Speaker Mike Johnson has enraged fellow Republicans yet again by putting two Freedom Caucus troublemakers—Reps. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Ronny Jackson of Texas—on the key Intelligence Committee. Johnson justified passing over more qualified members for the plum spots by telling critics that convicted felon Donald Trump told him to do it, according to The Washington Post.

Johnson’s decision did more than just anger his caucus with the move: He’s embedded Trump moles in the sensitive committee. Even former Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn’t play games with the Intelligence Committee, working with Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries to keep politics at a minimum in their choices. Because it’s a select committee rather than a standing committee, the speaker and minority leader choose its members.

“[Johnson] has reversed course on this committee, and has now made it political again. He has reversed all the advances, which could harm America’s preparedness,” one high-ranking Republican told the Post. “This is not a place to play games. This is not a place to appease somebody. This is where you got to do the real work.”

“I think we’re letting the executive branch, in this case, compel the speaker of the House and legislative branch to fill two critical spots that we have, frankly, more qualified people for,” another GOP panel member said.

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