How Spanish-language giant Univision suddenly became Trump’s ally

How Spanish-language giant Univision suddenly became Trump’s ally

In 2010, Arizona was temporarily turned into a police state due to a racist law requiring police officers to demand papers proving citizenship or immigration status from people based only on some undefined “reasonable suspicion” that they are in the country unlawfully. More than a decade later, the trauma still lives on for many Latino Arizona residents. Yet this is going to be child’s play compared to what is coming under a potential second Trump term. He and his allies are promising “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history” that will force federal and local law enforcement agencies to conduct large-scale arrests throughout Latino communities across the nation.

But you’d never know it from Trump’s “exclusive interview” last November with journalist Enrique Acevedo on Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in the United States. Acevedo never asked him about it. To be fair, searching through Univision’s videos on Trump, there was nothing I could find on Trump’s hard-line anti-Latino policies. There were plenty of puff pieces to be found, like asking Republicans which veep candidates give Trump the best shot at winning, but not much else.

The network had the perfect opportunity to ask Trump directly about his authoritarian plans, as well as his past atrocities, and didn’t. Of course, Trump still managed to say plenty unintentionally, such as how he would turn the DOJ and FBI into a tool of retaliation and go after political rivals. Instead, however, the interview turned into a Hannity-style love-fest with stupid softball questions like this:

Talking about polls, The New York Times/Siena poll came out this week. It has you with a solid lead in five of the six states that could decide the election, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, which was a very contested state the last time around. But it also has you with 42% of Latino voters support. That’s unprecedented for a Republican candidate. What do you think the message is voters are sending with these numbers?

Real hard-hitting journalism, Enrique. Trump, who for years hated Univision for asking tough questions, now professed his love for the network. “All you have to do is look at the owners of Univision. They’re unbelievable entrepreneurial people. And they like me!”

This begs the question: Why do they suddenly support him?

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