ICYMI: GOP’s star witness exposed as Russian mole, and DeSantis faces book ban backlash

ICYMI: GOP’s star witness exposed as Russian mole, and DeSantis faces book ban backlash

GOP continues bogus ‘investigation’ after star witness turns out to be Russian mole

This is a perfect example of why everyone called before this inquiry should demand to testify publicly.

Seriously, are any GOP Senate recruits actually from the states they’re running in?

Do voters prefer candidates who actually live in the state they want to represent? Republicans are pushing the boundaries to find out.

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich on the emperor’s new sneakers

We had to see this one, and now you do too. We’re sorry in advance.  

Kari Lake wants to downplay her stolen-election fever dreams. We can’t let her

Oh, bless her delusional little heart.

Ron DeSantis pretends he isn’t at fault for book ban he signed into law

The Florida governor is going to great lengths to revise recent history.

Alabama Supreme Court ruling could end IVF treatments in state

Read the details of this absolutely bonkers ruling.

Democrats have an opening as Trump rolls over for Putin

A path to taking down Putin and Trump. A win-win!

GOP senators demand impeachment trial as government shutdown looms

Ted Cruz paused from his podcasting job to take aim at Mitch McConnell in the latest GOP saga.

Turns out the GOP does have a few ideas—and they’re all terrible

Is this really how they expect to attract voters? 

Biden personally instructs his campaign to go after the ‘crazy s—’ Trump says

Joe Biden’s had enough of the weak sauce the media has been dishing on a clearly deteriorating Donald Trump. 

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt

Approximately 153,000 people are about to have their year made by President Joe Biden’s student debt relief. Click to see if you or a loved one might qualify.

Click here to see more cartoons.

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