ICYMI: Judges hear wild defense from Trump lawyers, GOP infighting gets nasty

ICYMI: Judges hear wild defense from Trump lawyers, GOP infighting gets nasty

Judges express skepticism of Trump claims that he’s immune from prosecution

This federal appeals court is on the verge of a massive ruling.

Watch MSNBC guest’s must-see sermon: ‘Jesus is not an ally of the Republican Party’

Nailed it!

The honeymoon is definitely over for Speaker Mike Johnson

The far-right House maniacs are once again toying with the idea of ousting their leader.

Cartoon: Billionaire buttinsky on campus

“How did that bonehead graduate from here?”

In damage control effort, Florida GOP finally ousts Christian Ziegler as chair after rape allegation

A scandal so big and bad that Florida Republicans actually took action.

‘America First’ Trump roots for stock market crash in 2024

A stunning and utterly disqualifying statement from the man who wants to move back into the White House.

More top stories:

Tennessee Republican who voted to oust McCarthy might get his own comeuppance

Could this race be the first stop on the Kevin McCarthy “revenge tour”?

GOP can gerrymander blue Atlanta county, court rules

In 2020, Democrats ended the GOP’s 36-year majority on the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, in suburban Atlanta, but Republicans are seeking revenge.

Conservative group’s new ad absolutely shreds Trump for Jan. 6

The group’s founder said, “We want to make sure Republican primary voters don’t miss this.”

House GOP struggles to be even more MAGA but somehow win elections

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner.

Wisconsin judge rules that absentee voting van used in 2022 was illegal

This is just one of the many rulings that will directly affect the 2024 election.

Second Pence brother abandons campaign in just over three months

You won’t have the Pence brothers to knock around D.C. anymore.

Court imposes new maps after North Dakota GOP fails to fix racial discrimination

North Dakota Republicans are banking on the far-right tilt of the Supreme Court for this case.

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