ICYMI: Republican policies are deeply unpopular. Why won’t the media say so?

ICYMI: Republican policies are deeply unpopular. Why won’t the media say so?

Voters hate Republicans and their policies. Why can’t the media just say so?

What does the media call it when voters pine for liberal policies and civility? If you’re the Washington Post, you write a story inexplicably titled “In a swing Wisconsin county, everyone is tired of politics.” But reading the story, it’s clear that voters are tired of insurrection, Donald Trump’s incivility, Republican coups and chaos in the House, and conservative “screaming matches.” What do they want? Abortion rights, gun restrictions, and affordable health care.

As we write, the story should’ve been titled “In a swing Wisconsin county, everyone is tired of Republican politics.”

True, some of the blame lies with the media, more drawn to covering those screaming matches than Democratic accomplishments. For example, the story claims that “billions of dollars poured into updating the nation’s roads, bridges and ports” is a “both sides” accomplishment, when congressional Republicans voted en masse against that spending. But it also points to a stark political reality: Republicans are purposefully poisoning our politics and governmental institutions precisely to dampen turnout and support from people who should be natural Democratic voters. We, as a movement, need to figure out how to combat that destructive nihilism.

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