ICYMI: Trump berates a judge, Moms for Liberty faces another scandal

ICYMI: Trump berates a judge, Moms for Liberty faces another scandal

Donald Trump defies judge with courtroom speech on final day of civil fraud trial

The defendant berated the judge before storming out.

Tennessee Republicans embarrass themselves with latest restrictions aimed at The Justins

Members of the media are being targeted as well.

Congressman congratulates GOP on ‘first tangible accomplishment’: New pins!

Let’s give House Republicans a nice, long, slow clap.

Trump brags about killing Roe to adoring fans at Fox town hall

Allowing Trump to brag about himself for better than an hour means listening to a lot of lies. But there was one moment in the Fox love-fest where Trump told the absolute truth.

Moms for Liberty moralist resigns from school board after shoplifting arrest

This is just the latest example of book-banning moms behaving badly.

Cartoon: Presidential immunity card

Do presidents have a get-out-of-jail-free card?

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Johnson begs House Republicans to be nice to him. It doesn’t work

The latest GOP House speaker has discovered his caucus is a den of vipers.

Chris Christie drops White House bid—bitterly. Very bitterly

A hot mic picked up choice words from the former New Jersey governor.

Scandal-tainted ex-sheriff bolts Democrats to run for Senate on GOP line in New Mexico

This is one wild backstory.

Florida has a solution to education issues: It’s called child labor

Republicans have a way to make sure that students no longer are forced to suffer through an inadequate Florida education.

Donald Trump goes back to birtherism in attack on Nikki Haley

Read all about the growing trend of rolling back child-labor protections in Republican-led states.

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