ICYMI: Trump mocks Sen. Tim Scott, Colorado GOP faces crisis

ICYMI: Trump mocks Sen. Tim Scott, Colorado GOP faces crisis

Trump wins New Hampshire. It’s not the victory he thinks it is

Team Biden is ready to start feasting.

Watch Tim Scott utterly humiliate himself for Trump

There is no Lindsey Graham Award for Outstanding Achievement in Obsequiousness, but maybe there should be.

Cartoon: The AI journalism awards

Honoring the best and brightest bots in the business!

Nikki Haley’s word salad on a nationwide abortion ban doesn’t mask the facts

Speaking of AI, did a bot write this word salad?

Trump’s mental fitness is in serious question, but Republicans may not care

A test to see if someone is still safe living in their own home is not the most suitable instrument for determining whether someone is qualified to place their stubby finger on the nuclear button.

Top Colorado GOP minority leader resigns as party falls into disarray

Colorado Republicans are really going through some things.

Trump makes excuses for his closer-than-expected win in New Hampshire

You’d think Trump and his campaign surrogate Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would take the “W” and move on, but nope. Even in victory, they were wading into election conspiracies and lies.

More top stories:

Colorado voters could eliminate traditional primaries with new ballot measure

This reform effort is being spearheaded by the wealthy donor who has spent big to promote reforms that supposedly empower moderate voters.

Republicans would rather campaign on the border crisis than solve it

Why solve an issue when you can complain about it endlessly instead?

Sen. Josh Hawley introduces bill to end funding for ‘liberal’ propaganda

This freakin’ guy. Does he know how weird this sounds to people who don’t live in the right-wing bubble?

Missouri abortion ballot effort raises more than $1 million in first day of launch

Unlike Sen. Josh Hawley, reproductive rights advocates in Missouri are getting it done and are ready for a fight

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