ICYMI: Tucker loves Putin, Haley goes YOLO

ICYMI: Tucker loves Putin, Haley goes YOLO

Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin, and boy, did that go off the rails fast

We bet Tucker thought this would be many things, but probably didn’t count on it being hilarious.

Senate Republicans morph into House GOP clown car before our very eyes

It’s unclear who is even in charge at this point. 

Vigilante brags on Fox News about assaulting a man for looking like a ‘migrant’

Apparently, things like “facts” are a whole lot less important than a good soundbite.

This Moms for Liberty chapter’s membership went from 200 to three. What’s next?

And it’s probably the most exciting three-way anyone in the organization has ever been part of.

Cartoon: Tucker loves Putin

They say never meet your idols …

Haley’s latest Trump ad is proof she’s gone YOLO with her presidential bid 

Why not have some fun when you’re scorching the earth?

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