ICYMI: What in the hell got into Republicans today?

ICYMI: What in the hell got into Republicans today?

Republicans usher in the “Jerry Springer” era

From an alleged hallway assault to juvenile public taunts, Republican anger has reached “Jerry Springer” levels of tawdriness and tackiness. Republican Rep. Tim Burchett accused Rep. Kevin McCarthy of “sucker punch[ing]” him in a hallway—all while Burchett was being interviewed by an NPR reporter! An actual foot race ensued, with the intrepid reporter chasing the two supposed adults down the hall.

Meanwhile, Rep. Darrell Issa told a reporter he thought Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lacked “the maturity and the experience” for an immigration-related resolution, and she took that immature ball and ran with it:

In the Senate, where the adults are supposed to be in charge, Republican Sen. Markwayne Mullin used a labor hearing to confront Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien about some mean tweets. After a heated back and forth, these two men really did try to take it outside.

There was one bright spot in D.C.: the news that a government shutdown might be avoided, thanks to Democrats riding in to save the day.

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