Iowa weather is nasty, and Trump fan Laura Loomer knows who’s to blame

Iowa weather is nasty, and Trump fan Laura Loomer knows who’s to blame

Over the weekend, temperatures across Iowa plunged. Extreme cold, high winds, and blowing snow have settled into the area as Iowa takes the brunt of the arctic blast now shoving into the country. When Republicans head off to caucus on Monday, temperatures will be below zero.

As of Friday, the forecast for the high temperature on Monday is -4, with 20 mile per hour winds and a low of -15. By the time people shuffle out of school hallways and church basements at the end of the caucus process, they can expect the kind of cold that makes people seriously rethink their life choices, even in Iowa. Add to this how all the snow that falls over the next three days isn’t going anywhere except into drifts and over roads, and “challenging” might be the word for the conditions at caucus time.

With Donald Trump currently holding a big lead in Iowa polls, it’s not likely this will make a difference in who wins the state. But with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley locked in a dead-even fight for second place, it may come down to which of them has the most tenacious supporters.

Meanwhile, at least one Republican activist is onto us, declaring that this bad weather is just another Democratic plot to get Trump … by controlling the weather.

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