Jimmy Kimmel skewers Trump’s tantrum over an Oscars joke

Jimmy Kimmel skewers Trump’s tantrum over an Oscars joke

Donald Trump attacked late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in an early morning all-over-the-map social media post Wednesday. That night, Kimmel told his audience that he learned about Trump’s latest attack on him from all the text messages waiting for him when he woke up.

“Usually, like, I’ll have maybe four,” he said. “I had 100 because it appears that I once again ruffled the feathers of our Kentucky Fried former president who is—apparently, with all that’s going on—still smarting from my joke about him at the Oscars.”

After reading Trump’s Truth Social screed out loud, Kimmel joked, “My first thought is I’m impressed by his use of the word ‘vaunted.’ He was even able to spell it correctly, which is really good!” He added, “But literally everything else is not just wrong, but ‘maybe we should be worried about him’ wrong. Like, ‘maybe we should take the keys away from grandpa’ wrong.”

Kimmel then fact-checked Trump’s rant.

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